Coffee and Cigarettes

Iggy: “Cigarettes and coffee, man, that’s a combination.”

Joseph-I can’t believe that
you’re still smoking those fucking things.
Vinny, they’ll fuck you up.
They’ll kill you. Believe me.

Vinny-Were you put on this fucking earth
to annoy me?

Joseph-You said you were gonna quit.
Instead, you spend a fortune…
so those big tobacco companies
can get fucking rich.
And then you get cancer.
And then the fucking doctors
and the hospitals, they can get rich.
And the undertakers, too.
All because you want to smoke
like a fucking moron.

Vinny-I can’t help it. I’m fucking addicted, okay?

Joseph-So, coffee and cigarettes?
That’s your lunch? That ain’t healthy, is it?

Vinny-You’re drinking coffee,
so don’t break my fucking balls.

Joseph-Vinny, I had lunch already.

Vinny-So I’m on a diet, okay? Jesus!


Vinny-I like coffee. Keeps me going.

Joseph-It keeps you going, all right.
You’re a fucking maniac. A caffeine maniac.

Vinny- You’re drinking coffee, ain’t you?

Joseph- Yeah. So?

Vinny- So maybe you should try to quit.

Joseph- I ain’t no fucking quitter.
I’ll drink to that.

Vinny-Fucking moron.”

Tom: The beauty of quitting is, now that I’ve quit, I can have one, ‘cause I’ve quit.

“Coffe and Cigarettes” (2003)
Director/Writer: Jim Jarmusch

(here is a movie I would recommend to all the smokers and coffe lovers out there!)


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